I'm Back

December 2, 2009 โ€” Decided to blog again. I missed it. Writing publicly, even when you only get 3 readers, two of which are bots and the other is your relative, is to the mind what exercise is to the body. It's fun and feels good; especially when you haven't done it in a while.

Also decided to go old school. No Wordpress or Tumblr, Blogger or Posterous. Instead, I'm writing this on pen and paper. Later I'll type it into HTML using Notepad++, vim, or equivalent(EDIT: after writing this I coded my own, simple blogging software called brecksblog). It will just be text and links. Commenting works better on hackernews, digg, or reddit anyway.

Hopefully these steps will result in better content. Pen and paper make writing easier and more enjoyable, so hopefully I'll produce more. And the process of typing should serve as a filter. If something sucks, I won't take the time to type it.

I'm writing to get better at communicating, thinking, and just for fun. If anyone finds value in these posts, that's an added bonus.

Written 11/30/2009

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