Writing in 2024

January 1, 2024 โ€” Happy New Year!

A lot of my posts are my attempts to reflect on experiences and write tight advice for my future self. Today I wrote a post that is less that and more unsophisticated musings on an intriguing thought that crossed my mind. I am taking advantage of it being New Year's day to yet again try and force myself to publish more.


Most of my published writing these days is in communication with people over email or in online forums.

But I also do a lot of self musings that I do not publish because they are meanderings like that one. But maybe if I publish a greater fraction of what I write, the time will be better used, because even if there are no readers, the threat of readers forces me to think things over better.


Why am I still writing? I think symbols are probably doomed. The utility of being able to read and write is perhaps passed its prime. Inscrutable three dimensional matrices of weights are the future, and this practice I am engaging in now of conjuring and manipulating symbols on a two dimensional page is a dying art. But I am maybe too old to unlearn my appreciation for symbols. So I will keep writing. Because I enjoy doing it, like piecing together a puzzle. And because I still hope it can help my future self be a better person.


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