I guess the time has come

August 24, 2007 — For a few years, GoDaddy kept alerting me that BreckYunits.com was available and I should buy fast before someone else does! Lucky for me, all the other Breck Yunits’ out there weren’t getting the same alerts. Enjoy BreckYunits.info, suckers!!!

Anyway, I finally realized that I had close to four billion email addresses and changing the forwarding for them all would get really time consuming if I ever had to change my main Gmail address. I hope I don’t have to change my Gmail address ever, but with the recent GrandCentral fiasco, I realized hoping is not the best strategy. So what I decided to do was setup breck@breckyunits.com and have all my mail forwarded to that address, and then on to my Gmail. I don’t ever plan on changing my name, so I think I should be set for life. Nice.

But since now I’ll be giving out an email address with BreckYunits.com, it’s pretty much required I put something up here. So welcome to my blog. I plan to post excerpts from that big novel I’ve been working on, you know, the one with the protagonist and antagonist, friends become enemies, enemies become friends, everyone’s better for the experience book? Or maybe just random thoughts on startups, hacking, and life that I think are interesting.


PS, Be the first to email me at my new address: breck@breckyunits.com . See if you can do it before my first botnet spam email arrives!

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