Sleepy Time Conference

The conference that comes together while you sleep.

The Problem

February 11, 2021 โ€” Working from home is now a solved problem.

Working from the other side of the world is not. Twelve hour time zones differences suck! Attend a conference at 3am? No thanks!

The Solution

Sleepy Time Conference is open source video conference software with a twist: you can go to sleep while a conference is going on without missing a thing.

How it works

A 1 hour conference takes place over 24 hours. But instead of using live syncronous software like Zoom, conference speakers and questioners record their segments asyncronously, in order of their time slot.

So when the conference starts the conference page looks like this:

As the world turns, speakers click the record button for their slot and add their respective segments.

12 hours later the conference page looks like this:

After 24 hours:

That conference is a wrap!

A full 1 hour video of the conference is now available for watching.


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Project Status

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