Scroll Beta

February 22, 2021 โ€” Today I'm launching the beta of something new called Scroll.

I've been reading the newspaper everyday since I was a kid. I remember I'd have my feet on the ground, my body tilted at an angle and my body weight pressed into the pages on the counter. I remember staring intently at the pages spread out before me. World news, local news, sports, business, comics. I remember the smell of the print. The feel of the pages. The ink that would be smeared on my forearms when I finished reading and stood back up straight. Scroll has none of that. But it does at least have the same big single page layout.

Scroll brings back some of the magic of newspapers.

In addition to the layout, Scroll has two important differences from existing static publishing software.

First, Scroll is built for public domain sites and only public domain sites. Builders of Scroll will spend 100% of the time building for the amazing creators who understand and value the public domain.

Second, Scroll is a Tree Language. Unlike Markdown, Scroll is easily extensible. We can create and combine thousands of new sub languages to help people be more creative and communicate more effectively.

I've had fun building Scroll so far and am excited to start working on it with others.