HackerNews Data: Visits as a Function of Karma

March 8, 2010 โ€” If a post on HackerNews gets more points, it gets more visits.

But how much more? That's what Murkin wanted to know.

I've submitted over 10 articles from this site to HackerNews and I pulled the data from my top 5 posts (in terms of visits referred by HackerNews) from Google Analytics.

Here's how it looks if you plot visits by karma score:

The Pearson Correlation is high: 0.894. Here's the raw data:

Karma Visits Page
53 3389 /twelve_tips_to_master_programming_faster
54 2075 /code/use_rsync_to_deploy_your_website
54 1688 /unfeatures
34 1588 /flee_the_bubble
25 1462 /make_something_40_of_your_customers_must_have
14 1056 /when_forced_to_wait_wait
4 214 /diversification_in_startups
1 146 /seo_made_easy_lumps
1 36 /dont_flip_the_bozo_bit