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Use rsync to deploy your website

November 21, 2009 — rsync is a nifty little tool that can deploy a website to a testing or production server.

Here's a one line command to deploy brecksblog:

rsync -arvuz /home/user/brecksblog --exclude '.git' --exclude 'deploy' --exclude 'README' --exclude 'posts.php'

This one line will do a fast, incremental file transfer from my local directory to the web server.

I saved this file as "deploy", and then run it by typing:


The exclude option will exclude a file or directory from being synced.

Here's an explanation about the options I use. I use rsync with these options:

rsync -arvuz /src/foo/ /dest/foo

This will copy the contents of /src/foo/ into /dest/foo. Options explained:


1. If you are using a different port for SSH, say 333 do this: --rsh="ssh -p333"

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