Why You Shouldn't Save Blogging for Old Age

December 9, 2009 โ€” A lot of people have the idea that maybe one day they'll become rich and famous and then write a book about it. That's probably because it seems like the first thing people do after becoming rich and famous is write a book about it.

But you don't have to wait until you're rich and famous to write a book about your experiences and ideas.

A few months ago I was talking to another MBA student, a very talented man, about 30 years old from a great school with a great resume. I asked him what he wanted to do for his career, and he replied that he wanted to go into a particular field, but thought he should work for McKinsey for a few years first to add to his resume. To me that's like saving sex for your old age. It makes no sense. @ Warren Buffet

Likewise, saving blogging for your old age makes no sense. There are two selfless reasons why you should start blogging now:

  1. You may enlighten someone.
  2. Sharing your experiences adds another data point to our collective knowledge and makes us all better off.

It used to take a lot of work to publish something. Now it is simpler than brushing your teeth. So publish, write, blog!

If you need some selfish reasons, here are 5:

  1. Writing is good exercise for the brain and gives you "writer's high".
  2. Blogging makes you a better writer.
  3. When your blog gets traffic, it stokes your ego.
  4. You may spark interesting conversations with interesting people.
  5. In rare circumstances, you may make money.

Blogging. Don't save it for your old age.