Twitter Search Wins Again

April 6, 2009 — Twitter Search is starting to replace a ton of websites that I used to visit.

I used to check for sports scores. Now I use Twitter Search. It’s significantly faster. Just checked the UNC/Michigan State score and saw it’s a blowout early. No need to load up the slow homepage.

I used to check, Hulu and other websites to see if the shows I want to watch are new this week. Now I use Twitter Search. Seriously, every Thursday I search “the office” nbc, to see if it’s new.

I’m even using CNN less now. I wanted to learn more about the earthquake in Italy. I used Twitter search and found a link to a page with photos and a lot more.

When I experienced my first earthquake in San Francisco last week, within 1 minute I used Twitter search to confirm that it was actually an earthquake.

Twitter Search is trending up in my own life. I think the odds are high that it will be huge. I think the odds are high it will become THE source for news.

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