Thoughts on Setting Goals

December 23, 2009 โ€” It is better to set small, meaningful goals than to set wild, audacious goals.

Here's one way to set goals:

Make them good. Make them small.

Make them Good

Good goals create value. Some examples:

Make them Small

Start small. It is better to set one or two goals per time period than to set two dozen goals. Instead of a goal like "get 1,000,000 people to your website", start with a smaller goal like "get 10 people to your website."

If you exceed a goal and still think it's a good thing, raise the goal an order of magnitude. If you get those 10 visitors, aim for 100.

Why Small Goals Are Better

Setting smaller goals is better because:

Setting Ranges

Another way to set goals is to use ranges. Set a low bar and a high bar. For example, your weekly goals might be:

LowBar HighBar What
2 7 new customers
2 4 product improvements
1 3 blog posts

If you exceed your low bar, you can be happy. If you exceed your high bar, you can be very happy.