Concise but not cryptic. e = mc2 is precise and not too cryptic. Shell commands, such as chmod -R 755 some_dir are concise but very cryptic.

Understandable but not misleading. “Computing all boils down to ones and zeros” is understandable and not misleading. “Milk: it does a body good”, is understandable but misleading.

Minimal but not incomplete. A knife, spoon and fork is minimal. Just a knife is incomplete.

Broad but selective. A knife, spoon, and fork is broad and selective. A knife, spoon, fork and turkey baster is just as broad but not selective.

Flat but not too flat. 1,000 soliders is flat but too flat. At least a few officers would be better.

Anthropocentric not presentcentric. Shoes are relevant to people at any time. An iPhone 1 case is only useful for a few years.

Cohesive but flexible. You want the set to match. But you want each item to be independently improveable.

Simple is balanced. It is nuanced, not black and white.