Breck's Lab

See where technology is going before your competitors

Influence the priorities of Scroll, PLDB, and more

Above is a (blurred) screenshot of brecks.lab. For $499,999 a year, you get access to the private Git repo and issue boards.

Introducing Breck's Lab

For $499,999 a year, you get access to brecks.lab, the private git repository and issue board where we post our in-progress language and AI research, and prioritize and shape the future of Scroll, PLDB, and our other open source projects.

If you are a technology investor, we have some very exciting posts coming out on AI, science, and what comes after the web.

You can wait for the published versions, or you can join brecks.lab today.

Why sell lab access?

How are independent scientists to earn a living in a world without copyright and patents?

By selling early lab access to corporations and money managers.

Independent scientists can do better science if

Why not solve all three problems at once?

Labs is designed to help fix science. The public gets far better information and investors get information on what new technologies are coming next.

The Fine Print

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