Enchained Symbols

April 28, 2023 โ€” Enchained symbols are strictly worse than free symbols. Enchained symbols serve their owner first, not the reader.

Be suspicious of those who enchain symbols. They want the symbols to serve them, not you.

The enchainers dream of enchaining all the symbols. They want everyone to be dependent upon them.

Enchained symbols are harder to verify for truth. You cannot readily audit enchained symbols.

Enchained symbols evolve slowly. Enchained symbols can only be improved by their enchainers.

Enchained symbols waste the time of the reader compared to their unchained equivalents. The Enchainers are incentivized to hide and corrupt the unchained equivalents.

The top priority of the enchainers is to keep your attention on enchained symbols. Enchained symbols ensure attention of the population can be controlled.

Enchainers use brainwashing and fear to keep their chains. The double speak and threats of the enchainers start in childhood.

Enchainers promote the dream that anyone can become a wealthy enchainer. Enchainers don't mention that one in a thousand do and nine-hundred-ninety-nine are worse off.

Enchainers have little incentive to innovate. It is more profitable to repackage the same enchained symbols.

Enchainers collude with each other. The enemy of the enchainer isn't their fellow enchainer, but the great populace who might one day wake up.

Because unchained symbols are strictly superior to enchained symbols, they are the biggest threat to enchained symbols. The Enchainers made all symbols enchained by default.

Humans have had symbols for 1% of history but 99% of humans have lived during that 1%. Enchaining symbols is a strange way to show appreciation.

No true lover of symbols would ever enchain them.


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