Let me explain ETNs another way. ETNs fix Lisp.

Below are two math proofs (one visual, one text) that prove the flaw in Lisp.

In Lisp, which uses parantheses for structure and allows arbitrary whitespace, there are many ways to write your code, and not all of those ways arrange your source code into “geometric trees”. That is, if you connect the nodes of your program with lines, sometimes those lines will intersect or be coincident.

Or to put it another way, Lisp source doesn’t map to 2-Dimensions. Lines (edges) can occupy the same space. Think of a tree in the real world. Branches may touch, but they never occupy the same space.

Lisp is powerful, but flawed. TN and ETNs finally fix that flaw. Fixing the 2-dimensional mapping problem, we will be able to write code as powerful as Lisps, but we will be able to do it much faster (with the aid of machines), and in a much simpler and easier to maintain way.

Thank you so much to everyone who has provided feedback on the paper, especially those who have provided the harshest feedback. Please keep it coming.

I stand by my claims.