Forward JS was fantastic! Thank you to the organizers and other participants who made it an inspirational event. I look forward to attending again next year.

Forward JS will post videos at some point of the talks synchronized with the slides. Until then, I uploaded just the screencast of my talk.

My talk is titled “3-Dimensional Source Code” and dives into 1-Dimensional vs 2/3-Dimensional programming languages, why we want 2/3-Dimensional languages, Tree Notation and Tree Languages, a “hello world” example in an Tree Language called Fire, and Ohayo.

If you find it interesting, star Tree Notation and/or Ohayo on GitHub, or play with the Ohayo Beta.

Update: some folks have commented that the viewing experience is terrible because it’s just the screencast, so you may want to hold off on watching until the video and screencast are published together. If you do watch, here is a photo of the “arts and crafts” project I mention a few minutes in, which is a 3D model of the Fire Hello World program.

Thank you to everyone for their feedback!


(Updated links on 9/27/2017)